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  1. Free: Dollar Tree: Alka Seltzer Plus Allergy % Saved: 100%
  2. Free: CVS: Sure Deodorant select % Saved: 100%
  3. Free: CVS: Brut Deodorant select % Saved: 100%
  4. $0.49: Rite Aid: Sure Deodorant select % Saved: 84%
  5. $0.49: Rite Aid: Brut Deodorant select % Saved: 84%
  6. $1.24: Walgreens: ThermaCare Heat Wraps 2-4 ct or 2.5 oz % Saved: 85%
  7. $0.36: CVS: Renuzit Gel Air Freshener 7 oz % Saved: 81%
  8. Free + $0.78 profit: Walmart: Summers Eve Simply Cleansing Cloths, 16 ct % Saved: 145%
  9. 3 Free + $0.96 profit: CVS: Pantene Hair Stylers select % Saved: 105%
  10. Free: Dollar Tree: SuperPretzel Poppers 7 oz % Saved: 100%
  11. Free: Dollar Tree: SuperPretzel Soft Pretzel Bites 25 ct % Saved: 100%
  12. Free: Dollar Tree: Vicks QlearQuil, 20 ct % Saved: 100%
  13. Free: Dollar Tree: Chloraseptic Warming Throat Lozenges 18 ct % Saved: 100%
  14. $0.19: Rite Aid: Puffs Facial Tissue Cube % Saved: 89%
  15. $1.16: Rite Aid: Tide Pods 15 or 20 ct Laundry Detergent % Saved: 85%
  16. $0.48: Walmart: Summers Eve Simply Cleansing Wash, 9 oz % Saved: 84%
  17. 2 Free + $0.54 profit: CVS: Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow % Saved: 108%
  18. 2 Free + $0.52 profit: CVS: Cover Girl Ink It Eye Liner % Saved: 103%
  19. 2 Free + $0.14 profit: CVS: Cover Girl Super Sizer Big Curl Mascara % Saved: 101%
  20. $0.01: CVS: Maybelline Expert Wear Twin Brow & Eye Pencils % Saved: 100%
  21. $0.53: CVS: Garnier SkinActive Charcoal 3in1 Face Wash Scrub 4.4 oz % Saved: 93%
  22. $0.77: CVS: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara % Saved: 87%
  23. $2.16: CVS: CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Cream 5oz % Saved: 81%
  24. $0.48: CVS: Almay Liquid Lip color, buy one get one 50% off % Saved: 93%
  25. Free + $0.03 profit: Walmart: Purex Crystals In Wash Laundry Scent Booster, 15.5 oz % Saved: 101%
  26. Free: Dollar Tree: Theraflu ExpressMax Cough, 8.3 oz % Saved: 100%
  27. Free: Dollar Tree: Breathe Right Nasal Strips 10 ct % Saved: 100%
  28. Free: Dollar Tree: Theraflu Severe Cold Cough, 6 packets % Saved: 100%
  29. Free: Dollar Tree: Triaminic Cough, Cold & Sore Throat Syrup 4 oz liquid % Saved: 100%
  30. $0.22: CVS: Fiji Water 700 ml % Saved: 90%

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