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Walgreens accepts manufacturer coupons and store coupons, which are available digitally on the website or in the store app. The weekly ad is online and lists many weekly promotions that offer store rewards for future purchases. To avoid confusion, keep in mind that Walgreens calls their digital coupons “paperless coupons.” Simply click the coupons you like and their value will come off at the register automatically when you buy the product. You can combine one manufacturer’s coupon with one store coupon on the same item. When you stack the coupons and rewards, you’ll be able to get free deals every week.

Walgreens Savings Programs includes the following.

  • myWalgreens membership. Your first step to saving at Walgreens is to join their myWalgreens loyalty program. This program replaced the previous Balance Rewards program and will give you access to sale prices and promotions. You’ll automatically earn 1 percent back on all your purchases and 5 percent back on Walgreens-brand items. You can join on the Walgreens website, on the app, or in store at the register. Don’t buy anything at Walgreens if you haven’t signed up for this free program! All you need to provide is your first and last name, address, and phone number. When you check out at the register, you’ll only need to enter your phone number to get membership benefits automatically. When you want to redeem accumulated rewards to pay for a purchase, you’ll need to provide your email address or home address. Make it easy by providing your email address when you sign up.
  • Use the website or app to find special deals. It’s easy to zero in on coupons, reward promotions, and sales with category options. For example, clicking on “Walgreens Cash Rewards” in the Weekly Deals section will show you every deal that offers reward points, in addition to sale prices and digital coupons. You can also use the search box to quickly find specific items you need.
  • Digital manufacturer’s coupons, such as $2.00 off Colgate toothpaste. Find digital coupons in the Savings section of the app or the coupon will say “Manufacturer’s Coupon” when you click the detail link.
  • Digital store coupons, such as $1.25 off Scott paper towels. The coupon will say “X amount off with MyWalgreens,” which indicates that it is a store coupon from Walgreens Monthly Savings Book. You can also find paper versions of these coupons in the savings books found in stores.
  • Walgreens Cash Rewards. You will earn 1 percent of your spending as rewards in your cash reward account, or 5 percent on Walgreens brand items. You can check your account balance at any time on the website or the app. Each week there are new deals offering cash rewards on specific purchases, such as “get $5.00 cash rewards when you spend $15.00 on Pantene haircare products.” If you happen to have Pantene coupons, you can use those to reduce the amount paid at the register. Good news— manufacturer’s coupons do not impact your spending threshold. So if you buy $15.00 of Pantene and use a $3.00 coupon, you’ll pay $12.00 ($15.00 minus $3.00). You’ll get the full amount of $15 towards the promotion goal, so you’ll also get the $5.00 cash reward. If you have a store coupon for Pantene, that will reduce your spending threshold, so be sure your spending reaches the threshold after store coupons are deducted.
  • Register Rewards. These are coupons that print at the register when you purchase qualifying items. Each week there are special promotions that give you a Register Reward, such as “Buy 3 Crest toothpastes and get a $5.00 Register Reward.” You can only get 1 reward per transaction, meaning you won’t get a $10.00 Register Reward if you buy 6 Crest toothpastes. However, you can earn a reward for each transaction, so you could get 6 Crest toothpastes and 2 $5.00 Register Rewards if you did two different transactions. You can also use manufacturer’s or store coupons with the promotion. Note that when you redeem the Register Rewards coupon on a future purchase, it is considered a manufacturer’s coupon, so you cannot use another manufacturer’s coupon for the same item in that purchase. You must keep track of your Register Reward coupons as they are only issued as paper coupons. They will not be stored in your Walgreens online account.
  • Use the online weekly ad. Being able to view the weekly ad online is convenient, and Walgreens’ format makes it very easy to save with coupons and promotions. If a sale item has a coupon or promotion available, it is noted in the item detail box. All you have to do is click the coupon to have it applied to your account. Not only is Walgreens providing all these offers, but they are putting all the information in one place to make it very easy to get bargains. Their weekly ad is a powerful tool in making it easy for you to save. You’ll need to do the math, but they’ll make it easy by providing details of the coupons and promotions available.
  • Know store coupon policies. Store coupon policies can be complex, so it’s important to really understand policy details. In some cases the educated couponer will know the policy better than the cashier, so it makes sense to have a copy of the store coupon policy either printed or bookmarked on your phone to clarify any confusion at the register.

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