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Target Circle Program

Target has many savings promotions such as earning store gift cards when you buy specific items or spend a minimum amount in a category. Look for promotions like “Get a $5.00 Target gift card when you spend $30.00 on beauty items” in the weekly store ad, in your store app, or on shelf tags in store. You can use coupons with these promotions to save more.

Target also has a great loyalty program called Target Circle, which you can find in the store app or on the website. It’s free, easy to use, and has hundreds of offers (my account showed 549 digital coupons at the time of this writing). Features and benefits include the following.

  1. Digital coupons on specific grocery items.
  2. Percentage discounts on specific categories of items (such as 20 percent off women’s shoes).
  3. Cash-back offers on beer and wine.
  4. Rewards earnings on total spending, less coupons and discounts (with some exceptions); you will earn 1 percent on all qualifying spending, which you can redeem by using your rewards balance to pay for a future purchase. To use the digital coupons and automatic 1 percent rewards earnings, identify yourself as a Target Circle member. You can either scan the barcode for your account or enter your phone number at the register if you’ve included it in your profile.

If you are a frequent Target shopper, you’ll save 5 percent on every purchase if you get the Target RedCard credit or debit card. Benefits also include free shipping from Target.com and exclusive promotions and discounts customized to shoppers’ history or geography. The card has no annual fee. This is only a good deal if you pay your credit card balance off each month. If you carry a balance, your interest expense will be much higher than the 5 percent savings. Even without the credit card, you’ll get 1 percent rewards earnings on every purchase with Target Circle.

Be sure to check your Target app before every shopping trip to see the best sale items, promotions, Target Circle coupon offers and your Target Circle rewards balance (found in the Wallet section of your Target app). You always want to click "on" next to your rewards balance to have it apply to your current purchase and avoid having it expire.

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