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Popular Walmart Deals This Week

Walmart is the leading retailer in online grocery shopping, and eMarketer predicts they will remain on top through 2023. By 2025, 19 percent of Walmart’s grocery sales will be online. Walmart offers a subscription program called Walmart+. The program offers free delivery on orders over $35.00, free one- and two-day shipping with no minimum order amount, discounts on gas, early access to special offers, and more. Walmart’s website estimates a member’s annual savings to be $1,300, and the annual cost of the program is $98.00. If you’re interested, Walmart+ offers a free 30-day trial. Walmart’s online prices are the same as their in-store prices. Because the store uses an "everyday low price" strategy rather than deeply-discounted weekly sale prices, you may find their regular prices are lower than regular prices at your supermarket. Make a list of your frequently-purchased items and take the time to compare prices. Stock up on the lower-priced Walmart items at least once a month.

Walmart also offers a generous substitution policy for online shoppers. If your requested item is not available and you have allowed substitutions in your order, the store will substitute a larger or higher-value item. For example, if you ordered a small container of blueberries but only the large container is available, you’ll receive the larger item for the smaller container’s price. You’ll receive an email letting you know about any substitutions prior to your order being finalized so you can accept or decline each substitution. That’s like getting free food!

How to Save On Groceries at Walmart

  1. Create a shopping list: Plan your meals for the week and make a list of items you need. Stick to the list to avoid impulse purchases.
  2. Compare prices to other stores: Identify your most frequently-purchased items and compare Walmart’s everyday low price to other stores’ prices. If you find that Walmart’s price is lower, stock up on those items when you shop at Walmart.
  3. Shop in bulk: Purchase larger quantities of non-perishable items or items with a longer shelf life to get a lower unit price.
  4. Buy store brands: Walmart's Great Value brand offers quality products at a lower cost compared to name brands. Opting for store brands can significantly reduce your grocery bill.
  5. Use Coupons: Newspaper or printable coupons are accepted by Walmart. Combine them with everyday low prices to really save.
  6. Shop seasonal produce: Seasonal fruits and vegetables are often cheaper and fresher. Plan your meals around what's in season to save money.
  7. Utilize Walmart Grocery Pickup or Delivery: Ordering groceries online can help you stick to your budget by allowing you to see your total before checkout and avoid impulse purchases.
  8. Join Walmart+: Consider signing up for Walmart's subscription service, Walmart+, which offers benefits like free delivery, member prices on fuel, and scan & go for in-store shopping, which can help you save both time and money.
  9. Look for clearance items: Keep an eye out for clearance sections in-store where you can find discounted products nearing their expiration date or with damaged packaging.
  10. Compare unit prices: Pay attention to the unit price listed on the shelf tags to determine the best value when choosing between different sizes or brands.
  11. Use cashback apps: Link your Walmart purchases to cashback apps like Ibotta to earn additional savings on your groceries.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively save money on groceries when shopping at Walmart. Cutting your overall grocery costs by 10% or more without using coupons adds up to big savings over a year.

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