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In our household every family member eats yogurt,  which is very high in calcium and protein.  Plus it's delicious. The only drawback to yogurt is that it can be expensive.  We do buy the store brand yogurts to save money, but Yoplait yogurt is our favorite brand.  Therefore, I pay attention to our stores' Yoplait yogurt sales and I always use Yoplait coupons from the newspaper.  It's not hard to find Yoplait yogurt printable coupons and when you combine them with Yoplait electronic coupons, you will pay less than the store brand costs.  That's what I call Strategic Shopping!

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Load more Yoplait grocery coupons to your store discount card here

Remember, you will save the most money by having the most coupons for your favorite items.  You can combine printable and electronic coupons on the same item, so be sure to check all the sites to maximize savings.

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