• Coupon Mom SNAP Challenge Shopping List

The Coupon Mom SNAP Challenge

On December 14th, 2012, Stephanie Nelson demonstrated how to feed a family of four for one week at or under the SNAP (food stamp) weekly budget of $120 for a family of four on The Katie Couric Show. 

This list of groceries cost $210 full price, but after coupons, sales and promotions, Stephanie paid $98.80, a savings of $111.  She was able to buy food for 21 nutritious meals and snacks with five servings of produce per person, per day, as well as some staples that would last for a few weeks (such as flour, sugar, oil, baking mixes).  The list was based on these menus, which were planned around the store's featured sales that week. Remember, the key to saving big on groceries is to plan your menus around what the sale items are rather than planning your menus first, before reviewing your store's best deals that week. 

This particular shopping list was created with deals from CouponMom.com's Stop and Shop Deals list. Half of the coupons used were free printable grocery coupons

THIS LIST IS FROM A PREVIOUS WEEK and is an example of how you can create menus and a shopping list with store sales.  Use your store's CouponMom.com deals list to create your own menus and shopping list based on each week's Best Deals.  Specific items and prices will vary by week and by store chain.



Oatmeal 18 oz. box

Dry cereal 1 box 18 oz.

Spaghetti 1 box 16 oz.

Ramen 4 boxes

Brown Rice 1 lb. bag

Popcorn 2 lb. bag

Sugar 2 lb. white

Enriched Flour 5 lb. bag

Tortilla chips 3 bags

Cake mix 1 box

Vegetable oil 48 oz.

Homestyle Mac & cheese 2 bags

Cookie mix 4 boxes

Dried split peas 16 oz. 1 bag      

Whole wheat Dinner rolls
12 ct. pkg

100% whole wheat bread  4 24-oz. loaves


Pasta sauce--one 26 oz.

Canned peaches 15 oz.

Soy sauce

Grape jelly

Peanut butter 16 oz.

Honey mustard 12 oz.

Dried split peas 16 oz. bag

Cracker sandwich packages 6 ct.


pork chops: 3.75 lb. value pack

chicken: 5 lb. whole chicken

Top round steak:  1.85 lb.

Cooked sausage patties:  8 ct.


2 packages frozen Shrimp Scampi (serves 4 total)
4 bags frozen vegetables (2 broccoli, green beans, cauliflower)
orange juice concentrate: 2 large to  make 64 oz. each


1 dozen eggs

1 lb. margarine

cottage cheese--16 oz.

2 gallons milk

3 sour cream 16 oz. (free with coupons)

2 bars block cheese 6 oz. each

4 cups YoCrunch yogurt cups

4 cups Chobani Greek yogurt

2 quarts Silk protein smoothie drink


Coffee 12 oz. can

Fruit drink mix--2 packets to make 2 half gallons


8 bananas

12 small apples

2 lb. bag carrots

5 lb. bag red potatoes

1 head Romaine lettuce

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