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  1. $0.49: Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaners assorted sizes and varieties -- 25% off
  2. $1.24: Good Humor Ice Cream Bars 16-21 oz
  3. $0.54: Nabisco Go Pak 3.5 oz
  4. $0.63: Pasta or Rice A Roni 4.4-7.2 oz box
  5. $1.29: Near East Quinoa Blend 4.9-5.4 oz box
  6. $1.99: Wholesome Pantry Organic Quinoa or Farro 12 oz
  7. $1.49: Earthly Choice Organic Grain Blends 8.5 oz
  8. $1.14: Minute Long Grain Rice, select varieties, 12-14 oz box
  9. $0.99: Near East Couscous 5.1-10 oz box
  10. $0.59: Renuzit Adjustables Air Freshener Cones 7 oz
  11. $0.88: Libbys Pineapple 20 oz can
  12. $0.88: Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna 5 oz can or Sardines 3.75 oz can
  13. $0.88: Idahoan Instant Potatoes 1.5 oz cup
  14. $0.88: Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna 5 oz can or Sardines 3.75 oz can
  15. $4.99: Tim Horton's, Cameron's, Chock full o'Nuts or Eight O'Clock Coffee K-Cups 12 ct box
  16. $1.99: Archway Cookies 6-10 oz or Stella D'oro Snacks 4.5-9 oz
  17. $0.88: Chef Boyardee Pasta 14.4-15 oz can
  18. $1.29: Near East Wild Rice Pilaf 1.7-6 oz box
  19. $3.99: Motrin pain reliever 20 ct.
  20. $0.99: Mars Creamy Snickers Chocolate Candy 1.4 oz

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ShopRite Supermarkets has more than 230 stores in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Shoprite has a very comprehensive weekly sales flyer that lists hundreds of sale items, buy-one-get-one free promotions, cash back promotions and more. Shoprite prices change on Sunday, and we post Shoprite's updated deals list on Saturday. Shoprite's generous coupon policy doubles coupons, up to 99 cents in many markets, so that a 75-cent coupon would be worth $1.50 off. In some markets, coupons are doubled only up to a total of $1, so the 75-cent coupon would be rounded up to $1. Our Shoprite deals list is based on the higher coupon policy, so your savings may be slightly lower if your store's policy is different. Check with your store for its specific coupon policy details.

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