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Over the past five years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of grocery coupon offers available from printable coupon websites.  There were only a handful of printable grocery coupons available on a couple of sites five years ago.  Today, you can print a total of over 600 coupons from several credible websites.


However, there are some individuals who sell counterfeit grocery coupons over the Internet on auction sites.  These coupons are not from legitimate coupon sites and are actually forgeries.  Sellers may sell several printable sheets of coupons for a nominal fee of $5 to $10 per set.  Unfortunately, shoppers who buy and use these coupons are committing a criminal act and are risking severe penalties.  Therefore, to avoid the confusion of knowing how to identify counterfeit coupons, your best bet is to avoid buying any coupons over the Internet. Simply find the free printable coupon sites and use their coupons!

You will get plenty of free grocery coupons if you learn what the legitimate printable coupon sites are and how to get more of their coupons. 

All of the best printable coupon sites can be found here


.  Studies have shown that the average coupon value for printable grocery coupons is slightly higher than newspaper grocery coupons, and they are available for many popular brands.  You can expect to find many coupons from General Mills, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker,Red Baron, and more. You can also visit the websites of food manufacturers and sign up for their email newsletters to receive free printable coupons.  


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