• Save Money with Cheap Family Entertainment

How to Save Money with Inexpensive Local Family Entertainment 

Every parent’s goal is to allow their children to have the most fun summer imaginable while also not breaking the bank. It seems the easiest activities to find are the ones that cost the most money. Between the camps, pool memberships, theme parks, and events that everybody whose anybody seems to be doing also appear to cost more money than they are worth. Although these activities accommodate the goals of a fun-filled summer, the price tag for “happiness” seems to be higher than what you’re actually getting.


Finding low cost summer activities may take a little more work that just turning on the television or flipping through your local magazine. Most cities and towns have email lists, pamphlets, calendars, and even websites with activities and ideas for inexpensive and even free summer activities in your area. They may not have the resources to make it as well-known as the larger, more expensive activities, but they want you to join the fun just as much. Sometimes even those more expensive options offer coupons or special discount days that can be found on their website or in local magazines and newspapers. The key to saving money is staying in the loop by researching and keeping your eyes open.


Some of my favorite inexpensive summer activities in my area are offered by my local public library, museums, and Movie Theater. The public library offers a free story and craft time for all residents in my town once a week. Many museums offer a discounted day for children and parents throughout the summer and the local movie theater offers a $1 movie weekly to people of all ages. These are just a few of my favorite examples, but there are so many more. It took a little time and effort to find them, but it sure did pay off in the end. I can successfully say that my family and I are going to have a fun-filled summer without breaking the bank.


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