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How to Save Money Making it at Home 



One of my favorite ways to save money is with “Do-It -Yourself” (DIY) projects. We live such busy lives that it is often forgotten that we can still be self-sufficient and make half of the things we buy in stores for a portion of the price. Some things are better and actually cheaper to buy in the store, but many other items are just the opposite,not to mention the satisfaction you get by making it yourself. The following items are things that can be made at home for a fraction of the price and in little or no time.


×           Soap

×           Bird feeder

×           Mosquito spray

×           Baby food

×           Laundry detergent

×           Greeting cards

×           Gift bags

×           Wall décor

×           Jewelry

×           Hair accessories


Although you could probably make items such as dental care products and hairspray, it is far more economical and efficient to buy these items in the store. You also have to keep your well-being in mind when you consider making items that you normally buy in the store. For example, if the store bought mosquito spray is far superior than your homemade repellent then you should probably stick to the store bought kind regardless of the money you have to spend.


One of my favorite items to make rather than buying from the store is laundry detergent. According to loyal users, the DIY detergent works just as well if not better than any store bought detergent out there and it only costs one cent per load compared to the 45 cents per load name brand detergents cost. This cheap and easy alternative will save you over $140 per year for a family of 4 along with saving your clothing and skin from the harmful chemicals that are found in store bought detergents. This just shows that DIY is the way to go!


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