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If your specific state isn't listed, you can use a regional coupon database as a good guide, simply look for the regional drop down menu.  Regions covered are:
Midwest (based on Chicago)
Mid-Atlantic (based on Raleigh-Durham, NC)
Mountain (based on Denver)
New England (based on Boston)
Northeast (based on Newark, New Jersey)
Southeast (based on Atlanta newspaper)
Texas/Southwest (based on Houston)
Western/Southern California (based on LA Times)
Northwest (based on Seattle Post)
Larger cities' papers have more coupons.  If your newspaper does not have many coupons, be sure to buy the largest newspaper available on Sundays for the most coupons and use our regional guides to help you find the coupons you need.

Here are some of the many ways to use the Grocery Coupon Database:

Sort the list in order of coupon issue date, and see the grocery coupons that have come out in your city's Sunday paper that week.  New coupons will appear the Saturday before they come out (after 3 pm Eastern time).  Select and display the grocery coupons you'd be likely to use, and determine if it makes sense to get extra copies of the newspaper that week.
   2.   Sort the list alphabetically and create your own list of "Best Grocery Deals" using any grocery or drugstore's advertising circular.  When you see an item you need on sale,  you can quickly see if a grocery coupon is available for the item.  If you check boxes and display your list at once, all of the coupons selected will appear on your list.  If you search items, and check each box as you find them individually, only the last coupon selected will appear on your list.
   3.  Sort the list by expiration date, to make sure you take advantage of grocery coupons you need that will be expiring soon.
   4.  Use the Search Box to find grocery coupons quickly.  You can search by brand name, or by generic name.  For example, search the word "cereal" and you will see a list of every brand of cereal coupon issued in the paper that hasn't expired yet. 

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