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The easiest way to save at Publix is use Publix.com or the Publix app to plan your list and select digital and printable coupons. Create an account on Publix.com to create a profile with your phone number and email address. You can access your account and any digital coupons at the register by entering your phone number, and you will get email newsletters with special offers and coupons.

The KEY is to learn how to use the Publix Savings section to find your personalized deals prior to shopping. The website format has the following links and options, so it’s worth using the Publix website before you shop to save the most money. You can also use the Publix app while you’re shopping, but not all of these useful links are shown in the app at this point. Get started by clicking on the “Savings” tab in the navigation bar.

  • Click on Weekly Ad and select List View to see a list of Savings sections on the left side.
  • Click on Stacked Deals to see the sale items matched with available Publix digital coupons. Click on the specific item to see what the coupon requirements are (such as quantity). If the item is “Buy One, Get One Free” and the coupon requirement is just one, then if your Publix location charges half price for each BOGO item, you would only need to buy one item to get the lowest possible price. If the coupon requires a purchase of two or more items, you must purchase the required amount in order for the coupon value to be deducted at the register.
  • Click on Picked For You to see a list of the items you've bought in the past with their current prices and any available digital coupons by item. Click items to add to your list.
  • Click on BOGO Deals underneath the Categories section to see the full list of "buy one, get one free" items each week. Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina stores will charge half price for each BOGO item so you can buy any quantity you need for the savings. Florida region stores require you to buy 2 BOGO items to get the savings. The first item is charged at full price, the second is zero. If you only buy one, you'll pay full price so be sure to buy two. If there is a digital coupon available for the item, it will be shown on the item description.
  • Click on Digital Coupons to see over 200 offers. Simply click on offers you like and when you buy the item, the value of the coupon will come off at the register when you've entered your phone number registered to your Publix account.
  • Click on Printable Coupons to get Publix flyer coupons. Rather than cutting them out manually from the flyer, you can simply print the coupons you need.
  • Go back to the Savings tab and select Extra Savings to see a long list of unadvertised sale items you may not find in the weekly ad.

You can sort all of the sale items and digital coupons by category, item name or brand name to find what you need easily. When you are finished shopping at the register, be sure to request a printed receipt so you can use it to redeem any cash back offers from apps like Ibotta to save even more money!

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