• How to Use the Sam's Club Deals List

When it comes to comparing prices for your common items between various stores, you need to compare unit costs (such as ounces or pounds) to accurately compare prices. Wholesale clubs typically have larger sizes, so it can be difficult to compare their prices to your everyday grocery store.

The Coupon Mom's Sam's Club list helps you compare prices by not only listing prices and sizes of the items, but also by calculating the unit cost of the item. You can select and print a list of items you use and take it with you on our next trip to the grocery store to see if buying some items at a wholesale club would save you money over the course of the year.

Sample List
Category Description of Item Price Store Coupon Qty. Final Price Unit Cost
Bread Arnold 100% Whole Wheat Bread 2 pk of 24 oz loaves $4.99     $4.99 $2.50 per loaf
Cereal General Mills Cheerios 37 oz $5.19     $5.19 $1.73 per 12 oz. box equivalent
Cereal Quaker Instant Oatmeal 52 ct $8.69 $2.50 1 $6.19 $1.55 per 12 ct. equivalent
Canned Dunkin Donuts Coffee 40 oz $18.89 $4.00 1 $14.89 $4.47 per 12 oz. bag equivalent
Frozen DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizzas 3 pk $12.49 $3.50 1 $8.99 $3 per pizza
Household Electrasol Finish Powerball Tablets 100 ct $14.99 $3.25 1 $11.74 $2.35 per 20 ct pkg equivalent

Each week the Coupon Mom site lists about 300 items available at Sam's Club across all categories of grocery, household and personal care items.

How to Use the Sam's Club List's Features:

  • You can sort the list by category, item description or price
  • Select the items you like and click on "Display Selected Deals" to see your customized list
  • You can sort the "Selected Deals" list by category to make shopping easier

Prices are based on Sam's Club prices in Atlanta, Georgia and may vary slightly in other parts of the country. This list should be used as a guide, not a guarantee.

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