Latest Deals & Coupons from Giant Eagle: Dec 2017

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Today's Giant Eagle Coupons & Deals include:

  1. $2.00: Dannon Active 4 pack % Saved: 33%
  2. $1.67: Milk Bone Dog Treats 15-24 oz,buy 3 get 1 free % Saved: 44%
  3. $8.49: McCafe Coffee 30 oz % Saved: 23%
  4. $1.27: General Mills Cereal 11.25-12.25 oz, buy 1 get 1 free % Saved: 67%
  5. $0.75: Progresso Soup 18.3-19 oz % Saved: 66%
  6. $1.00: Dei Fratelli Tomatoes 14.5- 28 oz % Saved: 37%
  7. $1.75: Nabisco Oreo, Ritz or Honey Maid Graham Crackers 4.5-18 oz % Saved: 53%
  8. $0.75: Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper 5.1-7.6 oz % Saved: 53%
  9. $2.49: Loreal eye cosmetics save $2.50 % Saved: 64%
  10. $1.99: Mrs Butterworths Syrup 24 oz or Mix, buy 1 get 1 free % Saved: 50%
  11. $1.00: Siggis Yogurt Cups 5.3 oz % Saved: 41%
  12. $7.99: Arm & Hammer Cat Litter 9-26.3 oz % Saved: 43%
  13. $3.50: Claussen Pickles 20-32 oz % Saved: 22%
  14. $4.50: Kleenex Viva Paper Towels 6 Big Rolls % Saved: 44%
  15. $1.17: Prego Pasta Sauce 14.5-30 oz % Saved: 47%
  16. $1.50: Pearls Musco Olives 2.25-6 oz % Saved: 50%
  17. $0.99: Giant Eagle Large Eggs 1 Dozen, Giant Eagle Sugar 4lbs, Flour 5 lbs, Giant Eagle Mini Marshmallows 10oz, Giant Eagle Light Brown or Powdered Sugar 32 oz or Pillsbury Brownie or Cake Mix 15.25-18.4 oz % Saved: 50%
  18. $0.99: Pepsi or Mountain Dew 2 liters % Saved: 45%
  19. $2.50: Deer Park Spring Water 12 pack 12 oz Bottles % Saved: 28%
  20. $1.34: Domino Sugar 4 lbs % Saved: 52%
  21. $0.75: Renuzit Air Freshener 7 oz % Saved: 58%
  22. $1.00: Brawny Large Roll Paper Towels 1 ct % Saved: 44%
  23. Free: Hersheys Gold Bar 1.4 oz % Saved: 100%
  24. $3.50: Danimals Yo Tubes 12 pack % Saved: 22%
  25. $4.49: The Philly Steak 21 oz, buy 1 get 1 free % Saved: 55%

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