• Five Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping--Part 1

Five Ways to Save...

Back to School Shopping, Part 1

Stephanie Nelson, CouponMom.com


  1. Plan. The key to saving is planning. Before you leave the house to start buying  school clothes, backpacks and supplies, sit down and plan what you need to buy with your student.  Discuss what your student wants, inventory what you already have, and make a specific list of what they need to buy – this will save money, time and stress. While you are out do not overbuy. It is easy to do before you see what your children like. Once the school year is going for a few weeks you can sit down again with your child and plan what they need and prefer. 


  1. Tax Free can save you up to 10%! Take advantage of tax-free holidays in some states to save the cost of sales tax. http://www.taxadmin.org/fta/rate/sales_holiday.html


  1. Check newspapers and websites. Watch for special promotions in the newspaper ad circulars.  Many will have generous coupons in addition to sale prices. Also, check out store or mall websites where you can print a free coupon for store(s) immediately after signing up for the email newsletter such as www.rackroomshoes.comwww.payless.comwww.shoecarnival.com, www.premiumoutlets.com.


  1. Email. When you check your favorite store websites for coupons and promotions also sign up for their email newsletter to get special coupons and discounts. Be sure to subscribe to the email newsletter of your local mall.  You will be sent information and free coupons for special promotions.


  1. Purchase a few extras now. Watch for sale prices of up to 90% (or even get free items) at this time of year and stock up for the entire year. Look at store ads for grocery stores, drugstores, big box discount stores, and office supply stores. Bargains will continue starting now through September. When a note comes home from the teacher in January requesting more paper or crayons you’ll have extra on-hand.

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