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“The key to saving the most money is having a coupon organizer that suits your couponing style,” says Nelson. “The CouponMom® organizers provide a solution for every type of coupon user at an affordable price.”

In today’s tough economy, more people are looking for ways to squeeze every extra dollar out of their monthly budget. Whether you are planning simple meals for yourself or trying to feed a family, groceries are one of your most significant household expenses. Now you can get in the game of saving money at the store by clipping coupons and using The CouponMom® Organizer!

Saving money by clipping coupons is hardly a new concept, but according to Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson — who has appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Today Show” — today’s couponers are more focused, organized and efficient than ever. Now you can be, too, with The CouponMom® Organizer.

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  • The CouponMom® Take-A-Long ($4.99 value)
  • The CouponMom® Strategic Shopping Strategies booklet
  • 30 custom designed clear pages with 6 pockets per page
  • 15 index page dividers, 32 index tab labels, and more!

Available in your choice of three patterns, this three-ring binder fits easily into the child seat of most shopping carts, and comes loaded with everything you need for quicker and more productive trips to the store. The CouponMom® Organizer Binder is equipped with 30 custom clear pages with six pockets per page.  The binder also has 15 index page dividers to keep things organized.

Four plastic pockets on the inside cover provide easy access to store rewards cards or customer loyalty cards. The binder has one large pocket, designed as a place for you to transfer the coupons you will be using as you move through the store — once you reach the checkout counter, you’ll have everything in one convenient place. A three -ring bag with slide zipper can hold pens, pencils, a small calculator and other items to make your shopping trip easier.

In addition, The CouponMom® Strategic Shopping Strategies booklet is enclosed with The CouponMom® Organizer Binder. This valuable booklet provides an introduction to the world of couponing by Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson and offers dozens of tips and tricks for saving money, including how to find more free coupons and how to strategically use the coupons to their fullest advantage. There are also Price Book pages to track the prices of your favorite products, and a Savings Ledger to keep track of how much money you save!



This comes with The CouponMom® Organizer System, and can also be purchased separately. The CouponMom® Take-A-Long is designed to carry enough coupons for a routine trip to the store, comes with divider tabs, category labels, and features handy straps that allow you to hang it from your shopping cart. At only $4.99, it is a must-have for any coupon user.  It is compact, yet has enough capacity for light to moderate coupon users. It is shown here with 400 coupons. You can also save with the Target ad coupons and regular sales weekly.

According to The Coupon Mom, “Heavy to moderate coupon users will get the most savings by using the binder system, while light to moderate coupon users will prefer the Take-A-Long to keep their coupons handy.”


The CouponMom® Organizer System is produced by Whitman Publishing of Atlanta
and is available in discount stores, grocery stores, drug stores and book stores,
or call 1-800-546-2995.

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