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How to Keep Your Groceries FRESH

Have you ever bought groceries to find that they only last you a couple days? Well, here we have a couple of hacks that will help make your produce last a bit longer than we are used to:

1. Lemon Juice on Avocados

You slice up an avocado to put on a salad or sandwich but what do you do with the other half or how do you keep it fresh? The trick with this is just to lightly brush the other half with some lemon juice or olive oil to prevent from browning.

2. Apples and Potatoes

Store an apple with your sack of potatoes to keep them from sprouting.

3. Wrap Bananas

To slow down the ripening process of your banana, try wrapping the stems with plastic and keeping them away from other produce.

4. Berries & Vinegar

Wash your berries in a water-vinegar bath then dry and store in the fridge making sure to line the container with paper towels.

5. Storing Leaving Greens

After washing your leafy greens, wrap them in a paper towel and store them in a plastic ziploc bag. The paper towels will absorb the excess water which will keep the lettuce from wilting.

On your next grocery haul, try using these helpful tips to store your produce. They are simple and easy to do using items we normally have in the pantry. Check out our list of printable coupons to help you save on everyday grocery items, we match coupons to your local grocery stores! Get more info from