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Most Popular Aldi Deals This Week

  1. Friendly Farms milk homogenized, vit D, 2%, 1% gallons
  2. Countryside Creamery butter quarter - salted, unsalted 16 oz.
  3. Carlini extra virgin olive oil 16.9 oz.
  4. FREE Produce Item
  5. Bentons Corner granulated sugar 4 lbs.
  6. Reggano pasta sauce - traditional, meat & mushroom 24 oz.
  7. Bakers Corner evaporated milk 12 oz.
  8. Fit & Active cream cheese - original and 1/3 less fat 8 oz.
  9. Bakers Corner canned pumpkin 15 oz.
  10. Cheese Club macaroni & cheese 7.25 oz.

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Aldi has over 1,000 U.S. Aldi's strategy is to concentrate purchasing power, carrying only 1,400 or so of your most frequently purchased grocery and household items, of which nearly all are ALDI select brands. As a result, Aldi claims to get the lowest prices from suppliers-and pass the savings on to you.

Aldi's no-frills approach is to streamline operations, eliminating every feature that increases cost-and prices. When you shop at Aldi, you pay for food-not frills.

Prices may vary by market. This list is to be used as a guide, not a guarantee.

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