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Members of the media can contact the Coupon Mom team at [email protected] for any media requests.  Learn more about The Coupon Mom Stephanie Nelson's experience here.  Find all of Coupon Mom's "Five Ways to Save" articles here.  She has appeared on dozens of national television shows including:


 Press Releases

May 2014:  Fox Business Network: Saving on Summer Cookouts   Watch video

February 2014:  CBS Atlanta:  80% Savings at Coupon Mom Olympics   Watch video

June 2013:  Chicago Tribune:  Tips from Couponing Superstars   Read article

January 2013:  Lou Dobbs Tonight: Increase Food Stamps' value with Strategic Shopping  Watch Video

December 2012:  Katie Couric Show:  Big Savings on Groceries  with Mayor Corey Booker Watch Video

November 2012:  Fox Business:  How to Save on Medication with Coupons Read Article

November 2012:  Couponing vs. Strategic Shopping  Watch video

July 2012:  AOL News:  Coupon Mom Saves $90,000  Watch video

June 2012:  Fox  How To Fight Rising Food Costs  Read article

April 2012:  ABC  World News Tonight:  How to Save Money on Gas  Watch video

April 2012:  Jean Chatzky Cash Call: Funding Your Future Savings Tips  Watch video

December 2011: Liz Weston:  The Biggest Holiday Money Wasters  Read more

December 2011:  Save on Holiday Baking  Read more

November 2011:  ABC News:  Save on Holiday Meals  Read more

November 2011:  Woman's Day Magazine: Clever Couponing Strategies  Read more

November 2011:  Save on Thanksgiving Dinner  Read more

September 2011:  Fox Business:  How to Find More Coupons to Save  Read more

September 2011:  A Mission to Reduce Hunger Leads to a National Phenomenon  Read more

September 2011:  Investopedia:  Why Do Companies Issue Coupons?  Read more

August 2011:  New York Daily News:  Back to School Bargains  Read more

July 2011:  USA Weekend: How to Be a Coupon Queen  Read more

July 2011:  CNN Money:  How Die Hard Couponers Do It  Read more

June 2011:  Fox:  Couponing for Charity  

February 2011:  CBS:  Extreme Couponing with Coupon Mom  Video

January 2011:  The Dr. Oz Show:  Amazing $1 Drugstore Deals  Video

November 2010:  The View:  How to Get Groceries Free 

October 2010:  The Dr. Oz Show:  Save Money with the $1 Diet  Video

April 2010:  Today Show:  Extreme Couponing at the Drugstore  Video

April 2010:  NBC Nightly News:  New Coupon Demographic opts for Discounts Online Video

March 2010:  CNN:  Get $130 of groceries for 89 cents with Strategic Shopping  Watch Video 

January 2010:  Today Show:  How to Save With "The Coupon Mom's Guide"  Watch video

Summer 2010:  The Miamian Magazine: "Cutting Out Hunger One Coupon at a Time" Read article

January 2010:  The Doctors:  How to Buy Healthy Food on a Budget  

January 2010:  Extra TV:  How to Save on Beauty Products  Watch video

January 2010:  New York Times Book Review of "Coupon Mom's Guide"  Read here

January 2010:  USA Today Book Review of "Coupon Mom's Guide"  Read here

March 2009:  Today Show:  Coupon Mom Buys $100 of groceries for 25 cents. Article & Video

November 2008:  Today Show: Cut Your Thanksgiving Dinner Bill in Half!  Watch video

October 2008:  Coupon Mom on Oprah!  Get our Top 5 Savings Tips from

November 2008:  Oprah and Friends Radio with Jean Chatzky, listen in here

July 2008:  Coupon Mom teaches how to save  81% on Groceries  CBS Early Show video

May 2008:  Shop Smart, Save a Bundle on Groceries  CBS Early Show video

March 2008:  Save Big on Groceries Today Show video

February 2008:  As seen on The Today Show: Top 5 Websites to Save $50

May 2008:  Slashing Your Grocery Bill  WABC New York video

May 2008:  Eating Cheaper at Restaurants  WABC New York video

December 2007:  Get Great Deals at the Drugstore  WSBTV Clark Howard video

December 2007:  10 Ways to Save on Holiday Shopping    Good Housekeepng Magazine

June 2007: Good Housekeeping Magazine: Grow Your Savings by Stephanie Nelson

January 2005: Good Housekeeping Magazine: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half     

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts:  Dec. 2006   Good Morning America

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