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Can I Get Arrested for Using TOO Many Tide Coupons? YES! Read More…

Is it possible to get arrested for using too many Tide coupons? YES, if you do it the wrong way.  Read more here:


We all love Tide coupons! Find out how these women illegally used Tide Coupons to make $20,000 +  and now are being arrested!

According to the article from – the women, who worked for Albertsons at the time,  made illegal copies of Tide coupons. When they got to checkout, they would have a negative balance on their transaction – meaning Albertsons technically owed THEM that money. They would apply that overage to Visa/Mastercard gift cards to avoid taking cash and calling attention to themselves. When the women were eventually caught – it was estimated that they had made $21,000 since April 2017 with this scheme. The incident report does not state what the value of the coupons were, nor does it mention whether or not the photocopies were made of real or counterfeit coupons.

Using legitimate Tide coupons will not get you arrested – but these women broke the law and now face up to 10 years in prison!

Image source: Williams County Sheriff’s Office / JeepersMedia 

Read the FULL article HERE


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