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(Publix) FREE: Perfect Nutrition Bar

(Rite Aid) 2 FREE: Crest  Toothpaste 

(CVS) FREE: Crest  Toothpaste

(Shoprite) FREE: Campbells Well Yes Sipping Soup

(Shoprite) FREE: Colgate Toothpaste

(Harris Teeter) FREE: Tic Tac Mints

(Kroger) 2 FREE: Colgate Toothpaste

(Publix) FREE: Hi Chew Candy

(Walmart) FREE: Promised Land Milk

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Breathe Right Nasal Strips

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Theraflu

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Triaminic

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Scotch Tape

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Command Hooks

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Mucinex

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Cerave Diaper Rash Cream

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Chloraseptic

(Dollar Tree) FREE: SuperPretzel 

(Dollar Tree) FREE: SuperPretzel Soft Pretzel Bites

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Alka Seltzer Plus

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Vicks QlearQuil, 20 ct

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Oral B Kids toothbrush,

(Dollar Tree) FREE: Theraflu

(CVS) Free: Barkthins Chocolates Candy 4.7 oz

(Rite Aid) 2 Free: Rimmel Eye Liner

(CVS) 2 Free: Aveeno Baby Lotion 5 oz

(Publix) Free: Hi Chew Candy

(CVS) 2 Free: Bayer Aspirin

(CVS) 3 Free + $1.41 profit: Pantene shampoo & conditioner

(CVS) Free: Physicians Formula Mini Lip Kit

(Walmart) Free: Rimmel London Eyebrow pencils

(CVS) 2 Free + $1.40 profit: Head & Shoulders

(CVS) 2 Free + $1.40 profit: Clairol Herbal BioRenew Dry Shampoo 

(Walmart) Free: Forto Coffee

(Dollar General) Free: Forto Coffee

(Dollar Tree) Free: Culturelle Immune Defense, 10 ct