cut your grocery bill in half and feed the hungry, too!
cut your grocery bill in half and feed the hungry!
Cub Scouts sell items for charity at a Kroger charity table!
Girl Scouts sell items for charity at a Kroger charity table!

Girl Scouts Cut Out Hunger

Take a Field trip to your grocery store and buy food for charity--make it fun to see how far you can stretch your dollars to get the most food!

Earn the Hunger Patch for Girl Scouts or the Scouting for Food badge for Boy Scouts with the program. Earn Community Service hours with the program.

The objective of Kids Cut Out Hunger is to educate children about how they can help fight hunger in their local community, in a fun way. Girl Scouts can use the program to earn their Hunger Patch:

1. Teach Scouts about Hunger: Girl Scout leaders can read about and print information about hunger from the Learn About Hunger link to share with their Scouts at a meeting before using the program. 

2. Select a food pantry or charity that supports food donations: Refer to the Donate Food page to find your local food bank or food pantry.

3. Decide how to collect food using the program. There are many options.

  • Take the troop on a field trip to your grocery store, incorporating the idea of buying food for charity. The group can combine their money, or they can do individual orders. Children typically spend the same amount, such as $3.50 each (equal to roller skating admission) or even 50 cents each (the cost of a video game).
  • Have the troop do a Charity Sale Table. This is the highest volume activity.
  • Have each Girl Scout do their shopping individually with their parents using their store's Best Deals list and then bring their food donations to the next meeting.
  • Have Girl Scouts help organize a food drive at their school or place of worship. They can print the list of Best Charity Deals and then distribute it at school or place of worship.
  • Older Girl Scouts can implement these ideas with school service clubs or youth groups. They could also teach the program to younger children through Sunday School classes or elementary school classes.

4. As a group, take the food collected to the local food pantry selected.  

Spend a couple of minutes with this online, interactive role play called "Hunger 101" that puts us in the shoes of people struggling to feed their families.

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