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Walmart Most Popular Deals This Week

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  1. Mead Five Star Folder
  2. Gillette Sensor 2 Disposable Razors, 2 ct
  3. Tetley Tea, 24 ct box
  4. Bananas - each
  5. Paper Mate Pens Pack, 10 ct
  6. General Mills Chex Cereal: Chex Clusters, 13.4 oz
  7. Schick Xtreme3 Razor, Disposable, 4 ct
  8. Snuggle Fabric Sheets, 40 ct
  9. Scotch Brite Basic Sponge, 1 ct
  10. Icy Hot Patch, 1 ct

The Walmart Price Matcher tool  makes it easy to create a list of best prices for Walmart to match.  Enter an item you need in the search box, and it will search prices across all stores.  Click on the lowest-priced item to add to your list.  Keep adding items, then print your consolidated price matching list organized by store!  Take those store flyers to Walmart and get all your items at the lowest price possible in one place.

We show you the top 10 Most Popular deals at Walmart each day, based on the number of times Coupon Mom members have selected an item to add to their weekly shopping list. Simply click on the link to go directly to the full Walmart deals list to learn where to find the coupons to get these deals, and what their final prices are. If your store is out of a deal, be sure to ask for a raincheck.

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