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Military Coupon Program

Join Us in Operation Expiration!

Overseas military bases will accept expired grocery coupons up to six months from their expiration date as well as non-expired coupons.  We just recently learned of an overseas military base that needs coupons, and they  have given us permission to share their information with you.  For the cost of postage, you can help our military families save big every month!

Once again, Donna at Operation Expiration is collecting items to create Christmas stockings for a military unit she's adopted for the holidays.  Learn more about how to donate items here

And here is a photo of the unit before they boarded the plane to go overseas (specific details about the unit and their location is confidential).  




Xmas stockings for the troops

Coupons for military families overseas

PLEASE NOTE: Some people have been sending coupons that are expired PAST the 6 month limit, and the military base personnel are spending hours sorting through huge boxes of unsorted coupons to find usable coupons.  Please send coupons that are only expired by a month or two, and sort them into categories to make it easier on everyone involved.



Naples Commissary, DeCa/EU/NAP, Pcs 808, Box 44, FPO AE 09618-0044. (Italy)

Shinnen Commissary, Unit 21692, APO AE 09703-1602. (Netherlands)
Airman & Family Readiness center
39 FSS/FSFR bldg 833 2nd floor
unit 7075 Box 175
APO AE 09824
Family Services/Airman & Family Readiness Center
Attn; Vic Villarreal
Unit 4925 Box 280
APO AE 09459
Fleet and Family Support Center
Naval Base Guam, Building 106
PSC 455 Box 157
FPO, AP 96540

If you would prefer to send your expired coupons to a US location to be sent on to a base in need, go to this website and Donna and Amber will coordinate your shipment along with others:  
Xmas stockings for the troops
Coupons for military families overseas



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