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How to Use the Coupon Mom Grocery Deals Lists to Save   

Each week the Coupon Mom website (www.couponmom.com) analyzes the weekly sale ads for dozens of grocery stores across the country to create a list of the best sale items and coupon deals for shoppers.  The site provides this service at no charge to site users. 

After identifying the very best sale items, the Coupon Mom system matches grocery items with coupons available for those items, making it even easier for shoppers to save.  Coupons noted are from the Sunday newspaper or from printable coupon websites.  Currently, the site lists Grocery Deals lists for 44 states. This exercise takes an expert coupon shopper at least 30 minutes a week to do, and far longer for less experienced coupon shoppers.  Therefore, checking the Grocery Deals list on the Coupon Mom site each week saves you hours of time a year, addition to your grocery savings.   

It is simple to use the lists.  Simply: 

First, go to the homepage of www.couponmom.com. Click on the “Grocery Deals by State” tab on the left side of the page.

Next, find your state in the drop down menu, and click on the store chain listed. If your chain isn’t listed, we will teach you can follow the instructions in the Virtual Coupon Organizer section to create a Grocery Deals list at your store easily.

Finally, when you see a deal that you like, simply select that item.  When you are finished going through the list, you will be able to select and print your own customized grocery list.

You will notice that the first column of the list says “Coupon Out” which refers to the date the coupon came out.  That will make it easy for you to find only the coupons you need each week, if you save the entire coupon circular each week and put the date on the front of it.  The Grocery Deals lists become a reference tool for you to use with your library of grocery coupon circulars. 

The Coupon Mom system will also help you save time if you prefer to cut out and organize the coupons you like every week in a coupon organizer.  By using the Grocery Deals list, you will know that there is a coupon available for the item you need, so you will only need to search through your organizer when you know you’ll find a coupon.  No more time wasted searching needlessly for coupons that are expired or are for the wrong size! 

Stephanie Nelson shares her savings tips as a regular contributor on ABC News’ Good Morning America. You can find more of her savings tips in her book  “The Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom” and on her website at www.couponmom.comCopyright 2006Ó Stephanie Nelson.


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