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Pathmark Deals
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  1. Frenchs Ketchup 20 oz
  2. Nabisco Snack or Ritz Crackers
  3. Luigis Italian Ice Assorted Varieties 36 fl. oz.
  4. General Mills Cereal
  5. Whole Fruit Fruit Bars Assorted Varieties 16.5 fl. oz.
  6. Doritos (10-11.5 oz.), Kettle Chips (7-8.5 oz.), Rold Gold Pretzels (7-16 oz.) Classic (9.5-11 oz.) or Tostitos (9-14 oz.), Assorted Varieties
  7. Hefty Slider Bags (18 ct.)
  8. Kens Salad Dressing (16 fl. oz.),
  9. Boca Burgers Assorted Varieties 10-11 oz.
  10. Kozy Shack Pudding Bowl or Multi Pack Assorted Varieties 16-24 oz.

Pathmark operates 132 grocery stores in Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Pathmark is a great store for Strategic Shoppers because it has an extensive weekly sales flyer with many promotions that can be combined with coupons. Pathmark stores in New Jersey and New York double coupons up to 99 cents so that a 75-cent coupon is worth $1.50. Most Pathmark stores in Pennsylvania double coupons up to a total of $1, so that a 75-cent coupon would be worth $1 off. The deals list on is based on the higher coupon value. If your store has the lower double coupon policy, take that into consideration when viewing prices. Stores' actual prices may vary slightly by store, so this list is to be a guide, not a guarantee.


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