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Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half!
with Stephanie Nelson, The Coupon Mom


My mantra is, "Strategic Shopping is not about changing the way you eat, it is changing the way you buy the food that you like.Use to get dramatic savings without having to spend an extreme amount of time figuring out the best coupon deals.  

Watch these tutorials to learn how to use the free tools on the Coupon Mom website.

#1:  Grocery Deals by State   #2:  Drugstore Deals

How to Videos for Specific Stores:

Grocery Stores:  How to save and get free groceries by stacking grocery store programs

Walmart: How to save and get free deals at Walmart

Walgreens:  How to save and get free deals at Walgreens

Target: How to save and get free deals at Target

CVS: How to save and get free deals at CVS

Rite Aid:  How to save and get free deals at Rite Aid

This easy system for Newspaper coupons uses the following Coupon Code System:

S=SmartSource circular; RP=RedPlum, PG=Procter & Gamble, WG=Walgreens store coupon book, TG=Target printable coupons from, RA=Rite Aid coupons, CO=Costco coupon book,  WF=Whole Foods coupons in store booklets.  Circulars numbered, such as S1 or R1 indicates that there was more than one circular from the same company that week.

The three steps to Strategic Shopping:

1.  Know how your store's savings programs work, such as sales and promotions, and combine them to save the most.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to find coupon policies for stores.

2.  Know where to find the best coupons.  We'll show you where to find the most savings with our coupon database and printable coupon pages.

3.  Know when to use your coupons, combining them with the lowest sale prices on your favorite items.  In many cases you will be able to get your favorite items free!  Our Grocery and Drugstore Deals lists will guide you.

Jumpstart your savings by getting a discounted newspaper subscription here.  80% of grocery coupons come from the paper so for big savings, you want to get the Sunday paper every week with the grocery coupon circulars.

Learn everything and more about grocery savings by ordering Stephanie Nelson's book here:

To get detailed information on savings strategies, take advantage of our free downloads by topic:

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with the Coupon Mom System (Part 1)
Learn how to be a Strategic Shopper to cut your grocery bill dramatically

"Advanced Grocery Savings Strategies" to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half (Part 2)
Shop like the pros with our advanced savings strategies!

Savings Articles by Stephanie Nelson on many household and family savings topics



Every week we have new savings tips for you called "Five Ways to Save" across all areas.  

Learn how to save money in every area of household spending with Coupon Mom's Savings Articles.

These articles take a fun and sometimes offbeat approach to saving money--learn something you may have never thought of before!

You will save the most at CVS if you understand their coupon policy.  

 Save more at Dollar General by understanding their coupon policy.

You will save the most at Hy-Vee if you understand their coupon policy.

To save the most at Kroger, you want to understand its coupon policy. 

You will save the most at Publix if you understand its coupon policy.

Save the most at Rite Aid by understanding its Coupon Policy. 

Save the most when you understand Shoprite's Coupon Policy.

You will save the most at Target if you understand its coupon policy. 

Save the most at Walgreens by understanding its store policies. 

Save more at Wal-Mart with their Ad Match Guarantee policy, read more here.

You will save the most at Walmart if you understand its coupon policy. 

Students of any age can learn how to use coupons to buy free groceries for local charities with the easy Coupon Mom system!

Aldi Policies

Family Dollar  Coupon Policy

Bi-Lo Coupon Policy

Kmart Coupon Policy

Learn how to get free merchandise with the Maxperks program.

Save more with price-matching at Staples

Whole Foods Coupon Policy

Stop & Shop Coupon Policies

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