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The 5 Best Items to Buy at the Dollar Store

There are great bargains at dollar stores but not every item is a bargain!  Get strategic and focus on these types of items to save big over the course of the year.  And use coupons at Dollar Tree, where you can get dozens of free items every week, and many items for pennies.  We list Dollar Tree Coupon Deals every week.

1–Party Supplies and Decor:  Stock up on festive paper products, decor, party favors, invitations at $1 each.  There’s no reason to pay more than that on disposable items, and you can’t tell the difference.

2–Greeting Cards:  Buy cards at 2 for $1 instead of $4.99 and more at other types of stores.  Figure out how much you’ll save over a year if you did that for every birthday and special occasion for your friends and relatives.

3–Cleaning Supplies:  You can save with coupons on name-brand items on cleaning supplies fairly easily, but you can stock up on disposable gloves, sponges and cleaning cloths at a fraction of the cost of other stores.  That way you can throw them away sooner to cut down on germs.

4–Socks:  If your washing machine eats socks, don’t spend more than $1 a pair on every day socks for your family and kids.  They’re also fun gifts.

5–Craft Supplies:  For kids’ art projects, you can keep them entertained with every color of paint, markers and crayons for a fraction of the craft store’s price.

Check the Coupon Mom Dollar Tree Deals List each week to save on dozens of other items that have coupons!